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Children’s and women’s projects

We offer individual projects that help to support women and children.

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Courage is good

One example is the group offer “Mut tut Gut” for children who experienced domestic violence.

This offer starts with the current situation of the children, takes into account what they have experienced and the resulting consequences. The approach is resource-oriented and focuses on the positive development of the children. Goals of “Mut tut Gut” are for example

  • develop and strengthen self-confidence,
  • experience reliability and community,
  • reduce fears,
  • dealing with feelings,
  • improve the understanding of rules and boundaries.

The offers are aimed at children of primary school age. They each consist of 10 meetings of approx. 1.5 – 3 hours. The meetings take place on Tuesday afternoons. Whether this offer is suitable for your child can be clarified in an initial discussion at our women’s counseling center. The current dates and further information can be found here:

0228 232434Contact

Due to the generous start-up financing from the Sankt Martin eV campaign We help help! this project was able to start in 2008. In total, “Sankt Martin Aktion Helfen” financed 8 rounds. A donation from DHL also made a round possible. For the further implementation of the group offer we need further donations and sponsors.

Holiday program for children

There are regular holiday programs for the children in the women’s shelter. We visited the Waldau, went to the zoo, were in the circus and made a trip to “Sealife” Königswinter. The children had a lot of fun and were able to forget the worries of everyday life for a moment.

The holiday programs have so far been financially supported by the St. Martin eV association Action: We will help! and from other donors.

Children learn to learn – close gaps and celebrate success

Children get the chance to “learn” to learn. They will be enabled to learn independently and focused and to do their homework in a structured, orderly and complete manner.

During their stay in the women’s shelter, the children are supported in a quiet, relaxed environment by professionals who help them work on their homework. The children are supported individually in fixed appointments. First learning successes strengthen their self-confidence.

Through this individual support, the children get the chance to become strong personalities who can walk a secure path in our society.

The project was initially funded by and other donors. For the future we need more donations to be able to continue the project.


Viola: Mother-child breakfast

Every Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. a mother-child breakfast takes place in the counseling center. This is a free advice and support service. It is open to (expectant) mothers from Bonn and the surrounding area who have experienced psychological or physical violence. Together with their small children aged 0-4 years, they are welcomed by our social worker for breakfast. Conversations take place and the children can get in touch with each other. Singing children’s songs together and age-appropriate activities such as handicrafts and exercise offers help the mothers to establish loving, non-violent contact with their children.

Information is available from the counseling center

0228 232434

This offer is sponsored by the Bonn Donations Parliament until September 2020 and from October 2020 by the Integration Office.

"I am me - strong for the future"

Through the project “I am I – strong for the future”, our residents receive practical support to stabilize and strengthen their capabilities to live a self-determined life free of violence and fear.

The projects are specifically tailored to the women concerned, and address the individual needs and problems of coping with what the women have experienced. Group offers take into account the women’s experiences of violence. A “we feeling” can develop within the group. “We” are not alone with our experiences. We get strength and comfort from the community. This power can be used to regain control over one’s feelings and actions. The individual resources of the women are in the foreground and should be strengthened. The self-image can change positively and self-confidence can be gained.

The time together is used for discussions, various exercises and other activities that promote the processing of negative experiences.


  • Help to process the violence experienced
  • Dealing with own feelings and desires
  • Recognize own resources and strength
  • Strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improving relationships with children
  • Independent coping with life and everyday life
  • Improving the ability to concentrate
  • Constructive handling of stressful situations
  • (New) social contacts / friendships
  • Tolerance for other cultures and ways of life

In 2018/2019 the project was funded by the Soroptimists in Bonn.

We depend on your support

With your donation you support our work with women and children affected by violence. Every donation helps us.

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