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Welcome to our plain language page

We are the Bonn women’s shelter.

We help women who experience violence.
It doesn’t matter which country the women come from.
These are our offers

  • Help
  • shelter and housing
  • help
  • care, support


We advise women who have experienced domestic violence.
Domestic violence is between people
who live together.
For example: married couples.
Our advice is free.
The women do n’t have to tell us their names.

shelter and housing

Women can come to our women’s shelter if they

  • experiencing violence against the body .
    For example: punches.
  • experiencing violence against feelings .
    For example: threats, frightening.

You can live in the women’s shelter for a while.

Women can also take their children with them.

You are safe from violence in the women’s shelter,
because the address of the women’s shelter is secret.

If it’s possible,
bring these things with you to the women’s shelter:

  • Identity card or passports for themselves and
    Their children
  • Clothing for you and your children
  • School supplies and toys for your children
  • Health insurance card
  • Birth certificates of your children
  • marriage certificate
  • Notice of custody of your children

Everything you care about


We help women

to live well again after the violence.

For example:

  • help with offices.
  • Help with questions about education.

Help to live alone again.

care, support

house 2

The women get a lot of help in the women’s shelter,
if you want it.
After the violence, they first have to learn to make decisions about their own lives again.
You can live in house 2 after the women’s shelter.
There the women receive less care
than in the women’s shelter.
So you can practice
to live alone and independently again.

Ambulatory support

Some women are now living alone for the first time.

An employee from the women’s shelter comes by
and helps with problems.

Do you have any questions about our offers?

Or do you need help?
Do you experience physical, psychological or sexual violence?

Do you know a woman who experiences violence?

Then give us a call: 0228 232434
Or write us a message
via the contact form: Contact

We can always be reached in an emergency.

We help children

It’s bad for children

  • when the mother experiences domestic violence.
  • when they experience violence themselves.

Children then need help.

We take care of the problems and feelings
from children.

For example:

  • We talk to the children about violence
    that they have experienced.
  • We have offers for children alone or
    for groups.
  • We help the children in school and in kindergarten.
  • We help with education.

Projects for children and women

We do projects for children and women,
if they live in our women’s shelter.
And we do projects for the families,
when they no longer live in the women’s shelter.

I am me - strong for the future

The project is for women
who received help in the women’s shelter.
The women in the project help each other
so that they can live well again.

In the project we do for example:

  • yoga
  • painting courses
  • joint excursions

cooking together

goals of the project

The women should

  • talk about their feelings and desires.
  • recognize what they are good at.
  • know that they are good and strong.
  • have a better relationship with their children.
  • to live well alone.
  • learn to concentrate well.
  • learn to solve problems.

find new friends.

Courage is good

The project is a group offer for children,
who have experienced domestic violence.

Goals of the project:

The children should

  • trust other people again.
  • feel safe and strong.
  • learn that they are not alone.
  • have fewer fears.
  • learn how to deal with feelings.

learn to deal with rules and boundaries.

Holiday program for children


There are activities for children during the holidays
in the women’s shelter.
For example: joint excursions.

The children always have a lot of fun on the excursions.

So the children can forget their worries.

Children learn to learn

The children should learn how to learn well on their own.
That’s why there is a quiet room in the women’s shelter.
Children can learn and do their homework here.
Some children have trouble learning
if they have experienced violence.
That’s why there are experts in the women’s shelter
learning alone with a child.
So every child gets the help they need.