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Victims, witnesses and close relatives of acts of violence,
Accidents or other traumatic experiences take place in Bonn
and the Rhein-Sieg district with a number of institutions
and specialists provide professional and human support for
different concerns and problem areas. Often
affected persons or their relatives, however, these offers are not
sufficiently known or they have no information about it,
what help is available to them in each individual case.

This handbook is intended for those affected, witnesses, relatives
and professionals an overview of existing support facilities
in the region. It includes offers of direct
Crisis support after stressful events and further
Help and information in the context of violence,
accidents or other emergencies may be relevant. The
The manual is structured according to subject areas and target groups.
Central emergency numbers in various crisis situations
and nationwide help hotlines were placed in front.

With financial support from the Dr. Axe Foundation, the organizational team of the victim protection working group has completely revised the victim support handbook for the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg region and published the fourth edition in 2024.